LGBTQ+ Support

Respect. Inclusion. Affirmation.

At StudentSpectra we believe that each individual is the authority on their sexual and gender identity. We honour your chosen name and pronouns. We understand that your identity is unique and doesn't have to fit an identified category or label.

StudentSpectra are funded by Children In Need to provide support for young people (13-18) who identify as LGBTQ+ or are questioning their gender or sexuality


Counselling is available for LGBTQ+ young people (13-18) who feel they would benefit from one-to-one support., and who find it difficult to access counselling from non-LGBTQ+ agencies.

Counselling sessions are held at:

Hackney Pirates (Hackney) on Wednesday afternoons


Vestry Hall (Merton) on Thursday afternoons

There are no location restrictions, but you would need to be able to travel to these venues to access face-to-face support.

If you are unable to travel to sessions, or you're uncomfortable accessing services face-to-face, we offer mentoring and counselling sessions via videochat, phone, or instant messaging service.

Counselling falls under the umbrella term "talking therapies" and allows you to discuss your problems and any difficult feelings you encounter in a safe, confidential, non-stigmatising space.

The dialogue between you and your counsellor can be verbal as well as explored through creative media for example: drama therapy, poetry, or art making.

Creativity can be helpful in accessing parts of ourselves for which we may struggle to find spoken words, and can offer ways to take a step back from the problem and reflect on it from a different angle.

Counselling can offer support in a range of areas including: sexual and gender identity; confidence and self-esteem; relationships (family, peer, or sexual); and transitioning.

It is a voluntary service and sessions are tailored to your needs and goals.

If you feel you would benefit from counselling support please complete the referral form and return it to

Referral Form

Pyramid Youth Group

StudentSpectra's Youth Group - Pyramid - is for 13-18 year olds who live in London and identify as LGBTQ+ who want a space to socialise with other LGBTQ+ peers, and to find support with their mental wellbeing, identity, and personal development.

Sessions are run by our LGBTQ+ Youth Worker, along with support staff.

StudentSpectra staff will lead activities, encourage discussion, and will be on hand to provide support and signposting to group members throughout the sessions.

Sessions are currently being held online via Zoom and take place twice weekly:

Chat and Chill sessions - Mondays 7pm - 8pm

These sessions are a space for you to talk about anything that's on your mind and spend time socialising with peers.

Activity sessions - Fridays 5pm - 6pm

These sessions are more structured; covering specific themes to help with self-development. Sessions focus on emotional wellbeing, relationships, and queer identity.

Group members are asked to complete a New Members Form and will have an introductory conversation with the Youth Worker before being invited to join the group; this is to preserve confidentiality, and protect existing group members.

If you would like to join the LGBTQ+ Youth Group please complete the New Members Form.

For any queries contact

CLICK HERE: Confidentiality

Confidential is another word to say ‘private’.

Your personal information is only available to those delivering, managing or administering your support service. It is not communicated outside the organisation or with other parts of the organisation without your consent.

Support workers attend supervision where they discuss their work, which is also bound by confidentiality.

Confidentiality may be broken should a worker believe there is a serious risk of harm to you or someone else, or in very specific circumstances when required to do so by law.

Each person who engages with our service is asked to sign a confidentiality agreement which their worker will agree with them.

If you have any questions about confidentiality, please discuss this with your support worker.