Meet The Team

Cat Archer


Young Person's Sexual Health Coordinator

I’m Cat and I lead the work in Merton.  

Mostly I provide 1:1 mentoring support in schools and youth centres, but I also deliver groupwork sessions and assemblies across Merton on topics such as pornography, healthy relationships, and contraception.  

As well as this I support the team with outreach work offering STI testing, free condoms, and signposting to other services. 

I previously worked for a charity delivering harm-reduction work around drug and alcohol use and self-harm, so I have a good base knowledge of these topics, as well as an in-depth knowledge of matters relating to sexual health. 

When I’m not working I enjoy watching true crime shows, doing DIY and spending time with my partner, and my pets Munch (a tom cat) and Norman (a giant tortoise).  

If you’re interested in mentoring support, or have any questions about relationships and sexual health please get in touch

Oliver O'Donohoe


Relationships, Sex & Identity Mentor/ Volunteer Counsellor

I’m Oliver, I am a Relationships, Sex and Identity Mentor for children and young adults and a Volunteer Counsellor for adults in the borough of Wandsworth.  

I deliver 1:1 and workshop provision in schools and youth clubs across south-west London, and am also experienced in training professionals. I am currently training as a counselling-psychotherapist. I’ve worked in sexual health since 2013, and specialise in working with addiction, bereavement, trauma, sexually harmful behaviours, and much more; particularly with boys and young men, and LGBTQ+ people.  

My approach includes exploring emotions as they manifest in the body and the power of human relationships in promoting growth and well-being for the individual.  

Outside of work I enjoy playing the drums and swimming.  

If you’re interested in mentoring or counselling support please get in touch.

Sam Russo

(all pronouns)

LGBTQI+ Youth Counselling Lead / Dramatherapist

I'm Sam, I am the project lead of the LGBTQI+ youth counselling service at Spectra. 

I work with young people 13 to 18 years old. I am passionate in supporting young people in whatever you are going through. I'm passionate in creating a safe enough space with young people where you can feel seen and heard. I am a dramatherapist, meaning that alongside words I welcome any form of creative process to be part of the therapy. 

Together we can explore issues related to gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, relationship diversity and anything else that feels important to you. If words don’t come easy, I am trained to work with the art forms; creative writing, drawing or images amongst other forms of expression.  

When I’m not working I like walking, drawing, moving my body and taking pictures.  

If you’re interested in counselling support, please get in touch.